Contract Packaging & Parts Inspection

Contract Packaging & Parts Inspection
Contract Packaging & Parts Inspection

Time after time, manufacturers have to deal with wasted money and customer dissatisfaction as a result of poor quality parts or damaged product shipments. If this is a familiar scenario for your business, then it’s time to turn to Industrial Support Inc. for their contract packaging and parts inspection services. For contract packaging, Industrial Support provides boxing, bagging, bottle filling, and kitting of powders, granular materials, liquids, and small components into zipper bags, heat sealed bags, and dropper and spray bottles.

This service supports customers that ship retail fixtures, furniture, and educational materials; even OEMs have come to rely on Industrial Support’s heavy-duty corrugated boxes to adequately protect their products during shipping to customers. All of Industrial Support’s contract packages undergo rigorous visual inspection as well as weight verification and leak checking.

When it comes to quality control, Industrial Support offers a full spectrum of parts inspection services at competitive prices to lower your costs. Housed in a 55,000 square foot plant, their seasoned staff of inspectors is squarely focused on complete customer satisfaction as they provide final inspections of retail fixtures, furniture, educational materials, and power generation equipment, to name just a few. Industrial Support will quickly and accurately inspect, sort, and rework single components to your requirements to guarantee their quality. They also provide non-conforming parts containment services for any component or part that is suspect.

Their numerous customers in the automotive, electronics, medical, dental, and military industries know they can count on Industrial Support’s value added services to drive cost out of their projects. And Industrial Support’s services do not stop with just contract packaging and parts inspection; they will also assist you with your assembly, component sourcing, labeling, and lot inspection requirements. Industrial Support is proud that their quality management capabilities have earned them AS9100 (D) certification. Just in time shipping, vendor managed inventory, and Kanban scheduling are used to manage customers’ inventories, and local delivery in the Buffalo, NY, area is available. After all the time and energy you have dedicated to the manufacture of your product, part, or component, make sure it arrives in your customer’s hands as advertised.

Some of our Contract Packaging Services include:

  • Contract bagging
  • Contract Bottle Filling
  • Contract Kitting
  • Contract Labeling
  • Component Sourcing (low and high voume)
  • And more!

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