Going Green

Going GreenInformation regarding “green” practices that ISI encourages and follows:

  • Recycling programs for wood, cardboard, steel, aluminum, oil, office recycling paper and all metals.
  • Energy efficiencies – conversion of – lighting system to T-8 lighting systems, heating system to radiant heat units and equipment upgrades to energy star rated.
  • All energy consumption equipment is turned off when not in use and every night.
  • All offices have green plants in order to provide oxygen and remove carbon dioxide.
  • Employees are encourage to car pool, walk or ride their bikes to work. We also have a program in place for public transportation through payroll deductions.
  • Our office practices paperless reports, double sided printing, smaller font size printing, purchasing as much recycled products as possible.

Ways Industrial Support Inc. can and plans to improve in the future:

  • Continue to improve upon green and sustainable practices already in place.
  • Continue to work with and expand upon business with Green energy and environmentally friendly companies.

Our commitment is to a Green Initiative and Sustainability Program, and we are striving towards a Green Certification.