Industrial Powder Coating

In 2015, Industrial Support acquired a local powder coating company and brought it under our roof, allowing Industrial Support to be in total control of both the timing and the quality of the powder coating process.

Because of this convenience we can save our customers not only time but also money when we cut out the middle man as well as the transportation and being a the mercy of a third party vendors quality or production issues.

This is just one more way that Industrial Support continuously improves our process and capabilities through investment and proactive strategy.

Companies Served

For 23 years some pretty notable companies have relied on Industrial Support contract manufacturing expertise, quality and efficiency.

  • Wilson Greatbatch,
  • General Electric®
  • Moog
  • Avox Systems,
  • Zodiac Aerospace

Some examples of what ISI can powder coat

  • Medical table and cart
  • Architectural Applications
  • Aftermarket automotive brackets, frames and tanks
  • Heavy Equipment components
  • Solar panel and wind turbine components